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Dreams of owning your own home, but struggling to save a deposit? 
Mum & Dad can help with home deposit assist in Melbourne.

Enter your email and phone below and we will contact you ASAP to discuss your alternative options and help getting a home with low deposit in Melbourne.

How it works

Haven't saved for a home deposit yet? Why not ask Mum 'n' Dad to help you? We may be able to provide a deposit of up to $10,000 to settle one of our new properties. (TAP)condition apply


There are many roads to home-ownership. We can help you to find the right alternative financing solution to help you realize your dream faster.

Custom Plan

Once we have discovered the right solution for you, we help you create a custom plan that works with your circumstances . 


With our home deposit assist Melbourne program, our clients can save up to  $30,000 on rental payments and move into their new home 15 months sooner. *conditions apply

A helping hand.

Our experience began around 30 years ago. By connecting home buyers with finance solutions, we have experience and assisted more than 1000 Australians on their home buying journey. With a little help from Mum & Dad, we will get you into your new home fast.

Australians just like you

See examples of how we helped people just like you realize their dream of home ownership.

Jane earns $75k per annum and had a $10k deposit for a $500k off the plan home build. The bank needed a 10% deposit of $50k.

Learn how we and our brokers helped her with the funds to get the deposit and how they assisted Jane to refinance to pay off her  loans quickly. She also obtained a gift from family.

Alex and Samantha had no deposit, but were really keen to purchase a property in the west of Melbourne as an investment. 

Mum & Dad set them up with a homeowners builders deposit and savings plan, to help them purchase a property in just 3 months. Learn how we did it here. They also sold a car to help them raise the funds.

Peter and Joanne wanted to purchase one of our new investment properties which was $600k. They had a $15k deposit but they needed 10%, which was $60k. 

We helped them with the plans to get closer to their deposit requirements, and while the property was being built they saved the remainder.

Nadia wanted to buy a new investment property near the city and had saved $80k. She need $15k more to secure the bank home loan and save on mortgage insurance. 

We provided Nadia with a $15k builders promotion deal to cover the remaining deposit and associated costs, and she is paying a monthly installment to pay back the mortgage.

Ready to get started?

Complete the application form today and begin your home ownership journey quicker than you thought possible with a little help from Mum & Dad.

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We use our relationships to be the gateway between the provider and use that to secure a new home and home loan from one of our loan experts. Get to know more about home deposit assistance here...

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