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Our home deposit assist in Melbourne means more Australians are investing in property faster and easier than ever. And that's our goal.

Our story      COVID-19 safe

Our builders and sales team have 30 years experience and have we have been assisting property buyers with house and land packages and loans. In more recent times, we found a need to assist people entering the market, or looking to build their property portfolio, who are faced with challenges regarding the deposit. This need for special assistance is due to the changing economic climate and the way people earn money doesn't always fit into the standard property loan criteria. Mum & Dad was created as a solution to these problems and help getting a home loan with low deposit in Melbourne. 

Our reinvention

Lenders these days have so much control over our destiny and the more we need them, the more control they have. Our objective is to take you to lenders who are willing to think outside the normal "box" and take into account other factors in your life  that may be important to help you support a mortgage. We provide the builders deposit to help you get on top up your deposit from zero to 5% or from 5% - 10% and so on. You can save about $10,000 on Lenders Mortgage insurance and build equity very quickly. It’s very simple to buying a house with low deposit in Melbourne with Mum & Dad.

Working with you

It can be quite a stressful time navigating your way around lenders and home builders. By working with us, we can help you get on the right track. Once we have a plan, you can focus on the end goal.  During the time it takes to obtain a loan consent, and the home building process, you can continue to save or pay off debts. Hence, it's imperative you keep a positive attitude and don't worry about the things that are outside your control. The first step starts with a discussion. So let's talk today.

We have virtual tours for all homes to be COVID 19 safe and processes in place.

Building relationships

We use our relationships to be the gateway between the builders promotion and the lenders. Also we help with Home deposit assist in Melbourne. Together with your own cash savings and we use that to secure a home & loan from one of our loan experts.

Ready to get started?

Complete the application form today and begin your home ownership journey quicker than you thought possible with a little help from Mum & Dad.

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We use our relationships to be the gateway between the equity provider and use that to secure a new home and home loan from one of our loan experts. Get to know more about home deposit assistance here...

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