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Jane earns $75,000 per annum and had a $10,000 deposit saved. She had been to the bank but they said she needed 10% deposit which is around $50,000. We provided her with $20,000 HDA and she agreed to save a further $15,000 over the next 12 months until the home starts being built. She obtained the loan from the lenders and she secured one of our packages. She sold her car for $20,000 and bought one for $10,000 during this time to get her savings up to 10%. She had paid off her credit card of $3,000 during this time. She is now looking forward to moving into her new home in the southeast of Melbourne. Once her home is completed , she can finally move in. As her home is in a great location and it was a turn-key investment, we are expecting it will have good capital growth well above $550,000 in the next few years. That     $50,000 her home has gained in value, she would not have been able to save in the 2 years if she continued renting. some information is for promotion purposes only

John and Samantha 

John and Samantha inquired about buying a new home off the plan in the west of Melbourne. They had no deposit at all but were really keen to get the home and they had considered buying it as an investment property. They earn $120,000 combined income and have 1 child at school. They qualified for a loan of $550,000 but we needed to find a way around the fact they had no deposit. They managed to get a $2,500 initial deposit and with that, we secured the package for them. The home assist deposit was approved but wasn't available to them until they had saved at least 3% of the price. The price was $586,000 so they needed $17,580 to get approval. They had paid $2,500 and needed $15,000 by 12 months before the land was due to settle. We set up a savings plan and their parents gave them $ 5,000.They saved $1,000 per month and they achieved their home ownership dreams. With our home deposit, it totaled $37,500 which was enough for the lender to approve them.

 some information is for promotion purposes only

Peter and Joanne

Peter and Joanne bought an investment property and they still can claim the FHOG in their next purchase. They liked our packages as they are fixed price and they didn't need to worry about the finishes or any extras, colors or even finding the tenant. They had a $15,000 deposit but they needed to get to 10% which was $60,000. The home was $600,000. We provided them $10,000 HDA plus their $15,000 and they saved a further $ 15,000 .The land wasn't going to be ready for 18 months so it worked out perfectly well for them. They are expecting a tax refund next year of about $ 15000 which they will put towards the the deposit. The rental is helping them meet repayments. They also accessed their super to top up their savings by $ 10,000.

note the $30k equity is no longer available to Covid 19,however the Builders Promo is available


Nadia bought an investment property near the city and she had saved $80,000 over the past 4-5 years. She didn't have a 20% deposit and wanted to save on LMI and applied to us for our $20,000 home deposit. With this, she was able to achieve the 20% she needed to get her loan approved. The property was $500,000 hence 20% was $100,0000. She obtained the loan and we arranged the tenant for her. Her property is in a good location and will grow quite quickly in value. 

note the $30k equity is no longer available to Covid 19,however the Builders Promo is available

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