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Grow Your Home Equity with as little as $ 10k

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Step 2

First Home Owners Grant = $10,000

Total Deposit $50,000

Step 7

Your Equity is now $130,000 less your Home Deposit Assist of $30,000

Net Gain $100,000

Step 3

Save $8,000 on Lenders Mortgage Insurance taking your mortgage to 90% loan value ratio

Step 8

Your started with $10,000 and have profited by way of home equity

Total Gain $100,000

Step 4

No Stamp Duty for First Home Buyers 

Saving $10,000

Step 5

Save on Rental Payments by moving into your home 2.5 years sooner

Saving $60,000

This simulation model is based on the following conditions:

Initial deposit of $10,000

Buying a new home for $500,000

Based on mortgage loan of $450,000

Repayments of $2,300 per month

30 year term p+I

A mortgage of $450,000 , monthly rental at $2,000 and saving $1,000 per month for a home for 12 months

Refinancing in 2-5 years

Assumes 4% capital growth per annum for 5 years


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to our web Page

  2. Search for the info you want

  3. Click on apply

  4. Click on the button and complete

  5. Select

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